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Analyze your game with professional poker players and coaches who will identify leaks and help you improve. Seize the opportunity to get inside the minds of experts who have amassed millions of dollars in winnings both online and live.

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Interactive Coaching

No boring books and articles - quality 1-to-1 personalized poker training that will enhance your game and boost your winnings, regardless of the stakes. Benefit from the expertise of active professional poker players and seasoned coaches at your service.

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Arrange interactive one-to-one poker training sessions at your convenience. Choose your preferred day and time and let us handle the arrangements hassle-free.

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Ask anything you need to know about improving your chosen poker format. Master the various elements of this skill-based game with our guidance, propelling you towards poker greatness.

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The PROs

Bring Your Poker Game to the Next Level at Prices Hard to Beat!

Ultimate Poker Coaching is where you refine every aspect of your poker skills, ultimately increasing your winnings and becoming a successful player.

Isn’t winning what we aim for? Indeed, poker offers great opportunities to win substantial amounts in the long run. While short-term win-big stories exist, at Ultimate Poker Coaching, we focus on making you a stronger player regardless of the stakes or games you play. Access top-notch poker tips and find the poker star in you!

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A Game of Skill

  • Nowadays, poker is gaining recognition as a game of skill by numerous associations and even some governments worldwide. Despite this, the myth that poker is solely a game of luck persists among those outside the community. However, for seasoned players like us, the truth is clear – it’s a discipline where skill ultimately leads to long-term profitability.
  • If you’re skeptical, just ask our seasoned poker pros. They’ve accumulated millions of hands of experience in both online and live poker. The professionals at Ultimate Poker Coaching boast impressive six and even seven-figure winnings in their poker careers. If you inquire about their secret, they’ll attribute it to hours of hard work, unwavering motivation, and sheer devotion.
  • Our poker coaches began their journey during a time when poker was far less mainstream than it is today. Back then, options for improving one’s game were scarce. Poker lessons and coaching differed vastly from what is available today. They relied on reading every poker book and magazine they could find, enduring a challenging path to enhancing their skills and becoming better players.

Want to Take a Peek at
How One of Our Coaches Analyses His Own Game?

Watch this YouTube video featuring insights from one of our top coaches dissecting a hand played in a $109 online tournament. The coach explains in detail all the decisions he makes during the different stages of the hand (preflop, flop, turn, river).

Gain valuable insights into the decision-making process at each stage of the hand (preflop, flop, turn, river) and learn how to interpret Poker Tracker statistics effectively to elevate your game.

Get Private Poker Coaching from Established PROs!

Today thanks to poker sites like this one, you can strengthen your skills interactively. The one-on-one coaching with a PRO from our team saves you the effort of going through articles and books. Our coaches have done the hard work, and they will pass their knowledge to you in a convenient way. Sign up today with our world-renowned coaches and unlock the full potential of your poker game. Learn more online poker tips and crush the competition!

Our ultimate goal is to make you a stronger player and increase your ROI and winnings. Because after all, poker is about winnings!

Check out the full list with all poker coaches, to see their winnings, coaching experience, major wins and many more.

Ivo Donev - WSOP Bracelet Omaha & Player of the Year Award

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  • Client testimonial 1


    Lex helped me find peace and balance in my game and in the life around it. If you want to up your poker game, working together with Lex is definitely a recommendation!

  • Client testimonial 2


    In preparation of the MCOP Main Event in Amsterdam I had a couple of sessions with Lex. I was very pleased with the outcome and the effect it had during this big tournament. Lex has lots of psychology and mindset knowledge and knows how to translate this into poker practice, since he plays himself as well. So if you want to develop your mental game in poker, give Lex a call.

  • Client testimonial 3


    If you want to optimize life around poker, I would definitely recommend working with Lex. It is hard to find a sports and performance psychologist who knows what poker really means. This way you can have a really in depth discussion about the mental side of poker. Since I’m working together with Lex, I found a better rhythm in my days and have improved my mental muscles.

  • Client testimonial 1


    Thanks John for your insights. My game has improved no end thanks to your deep analysis and thoughtful approach.

  • Client testimonial 2


    John Bradley has helped me to improve my game with a study plan, highlighting main leaks to correct and showing me how to exploit opponents and situations to chip up, both, in cash game and MTT. I couldn’t have won the Women’s Event within the PokerStars Mega Series London 2021 without his coaching sessions! 

Take Advantage of an Exclusive MTT Video Course

Besides 1-on-1 poker coaching for tournaments and cash games, you can benefit from a powerful MTT course developed by Adam Crawford called the MTT Mastery. This course is designed to take you from beginner level to understanding and being able to use advanced multi-table tournament plays.

The MTT Mastery is a comprehensive training program, designed like a university course, that guides you from beginner to mastering advanced multi-table tournament strategies.

Eric S

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I have tried every major poker training product on the market and I can honestly say that MTT Mastery is the most complete course available for anyone trying to move up in stakes. I’ve spent years ignoring what truly matters in poker – CRUSHING fish. The course will make you a more focused, feared, and profitable player every time you start a session.
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