The Story of Ultimate Poker Coaching

Back in 2016, two friends and ex-colleagues- Ognian & Nikolay decided to combine their passions and professions to help people all over the world get top-notch poker coaching services in a better way, more effective but also friendly way.

Ognian (CEO and Co-Founder) has been playing poker for almost 10 years at that point and has also worked as a digital marketing expert for many years.

Then, when one day Niki came to Ogi with the idea to combine their passion for poker with their digital marketing & IT skills, this sounded like a dream come true. What could be better than to create something from scratch and put into it so much hard work, patience, and of course love?

This motivated us during the years to overcome difficulties, keep improving, learning, and ultimately provide the best poker coaching lessons to our worldwide audience.

The testimonials we have been receiving make us very happy of course but also aware we should continue and work even harder to continue evolving and improving the service.

Nikolai (CTO and Co-Founder) has also been involved in the digital marketing world and IT more specifically for 10 years. He has played poker during his university years as well.

Nothing but The BEST for you

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Back in the day, it was really easy to win a huge amount of money without too much effort. Nowadays, the competition is so tough, that being talented is simply not enough. Hard work is the ultimate ingredient for all winning players all over the world. Poker strategies are constantly developing and even the best player work on their game on a daily basis. However, choosing from so many available resources is not easy. There are thousands of books and articles covering poker. So, getting a poker coach to summarize the best strategies and tactics is the right choice.

Here at Ultimate Poker Coaching, we have selected some experienced poker coaches with proven results that will share with you their knowledge and route to success. You will be given plenty of options to choose between various poker lessons no matter your level and experience.

Our Pros have had major successes both on the live and online poker scene. They are in the business for many years and have crafted their poker skills to perfection. Of course, they continue to work on their game each day, as poker as most things in life require constant self-development and hard work.

We have carefully chosen our coaches to make sure they will provide you with proper online poker training. Choose your mentor and start winning today!

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