How Poker Coaching Will Help You Boost Your Bankroll in 2024

John Bradley poker coach
John Bradley, one of Ultimate Poker Coaching’s leading MTT poker coaches with one of his successful students Nilda.

In 2024, poker is becoming increasingly challenging. On one hand, more people start to play the game and this inevitably leads to bigger competition. These days it is being largely promoted on various media channels. The leaders in the industry are not scared to invest a lot of resources into tv ads, internet advertising, during live events, and so on. The industry leaders are heavily investing in promotional activities, such as TV ads, internet advertising, and partnerships with celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and many more. Also, world-renowned scientists and universities spend an enormous amount of work and money creating AI poker bots that can beat even the best poker players in the world. On the other hand, there are now more ways to improve your skills and get better at poker in the current landscape.

Years ago, there were limited resources to study the game, with books being the primary source for game development.

The Internet Era

The internet revolutionized the industry during the poker boom, marked by Chris Moneymaker turning $30 into a $10,000 buy-in for the World Series of Poker Main Event and then won the whole thing for over 2,000,000$. These days poker was booming and thousands of youngsters decided to make a living with poker. It requires specific skills and full dedication similar to any area of life.

Some people are not willing to put any effort into mastering their abilities and they stick at a certain level. Contrary, there are players who perfectly understand that in order to become a winning player you need to invest resources- time and money.

Poker Coaching Websites Emerge

Poker coaching websites are a great way to bring your game to the next level. No matter, at what stage your poker career is (you may be just starting or you may be already making some serious money), poker training sessions will benefit you to a great extent.

As the interest in poker showed substantial growth over the years, more and more online training sites emerged. The majority of these educational centers provide a video section where you can watch professional players playing and analyzing poker hands.

Usually, the videos are sorted by skill level, by the different aspects of the game ( how to play preflop, a post-flop play which deviates in many niches, and so on). The materials are also sorted by the game they cover- Texas Hold Em No Limit/Limit, Pot Limit Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Omaha 8 or Better, Badugi, Mixed Games, and many more. Unsurprisingly most videos are dedicated to the Cadillac of poker –Texas Hold Em No Limit.

The other main approach poker training websites (See HowToPlayPokerInfo’s article) provide is a personal coaching session 1 vs.1. Sometimes the teacher will offer a special package where he can educate more than 1 person simultaneously. This will make it cheaper for the students.

Pros of 1-to-1 (Individual) Poker Coaching

Individual poker coaching sessions (also known as 1-to-1 poker coaching) offer numerous advantages.

Students gain insights from the coach’s extensive experience and thousands of hours invested in the game. They will sum it up and bring only the best part from it to the students. The coach has already spent time analyzing his game, playing around with poker training software, and knowing how to serve all that information and experience in an easy-to-digest way.

By working with a professional poker coach, you will not just learn when a certain decision is right or wrong. What’s more important, you will learn what stands behind the specific decision. So, you will not depend on learned patterns and standard moves, but on pure logic.

This is a proven strategy to improve your skills and ultimately become a winning poker player.

We conducted an interview with a professional poker player and a coach some time ago where he described how to get better, improve your game, and stay ahead of the competition along with other details from his personal life. Check out the Q&A interview with Ned_BG here.

Mindset Poker Coaching

Additionally, recognizing the importance of mindset in poker is crucial. We have recently added a professional mindset poker coach focusing on mindset improvements. A positive mindset can significantly impact your performance at the table and make the difference, no matter of the levels you play. For more insights on the importance of mindset coaching, check out our related post with Top 9 Poker Mindset Tips.

Poker Coaching Pricing Info

The price range varies a lot and it usually starts from as low as 30-40$ and reaches up 1000$+ per hour. Of course, these huge amounts are charged by the top dogs in the industry. This means people who can afford to spend such huge amounts of money for the best poker coaches in the world are already making some decent cash from the game.

Poker specialists advise that you should not be investing more than 5-10% of your entire bankroll into poker education. For example, if you want to hire a coach that charges 100$/hour and you would like to buy 5 hours, then it is advisable to have at least 5000$ bankroll. However, take into account that it’s hard to measure the direct effect from the coaching session especially in the short term.

For a novice player, a standard coaching session at the price of 50-100$ will be more than enough. The biggest benefit of private coaching is the opportunity to study the game with a proven player who will go over the hands you have played and find your poker leaks.

Finding and eliminating the weak aspects of your play is essential when it comes to poker learning. Additionally, the poker coaches will teach you a strategy that you can copy and incorporate into your own game. Many of the winning players nowadays have copied other players’ styles, combining them with a few personal touches. The final result is a unique playing style hard to beat.

1 vs. 1 coaching will teach you how to put the theory into practice. Going over your hand history is a sure way to find mistakes in your game and what’s needed to remove them from your repertoire.

To Sum Up

To summarize, getting a poker coach will help you climb up the ladder much faster and easier than taking the long way to improve on your own. He will show your weaknesses and give you expert advice on what and how should be improved. However, before opting for a poker coach one should answer two fundamental questions:

What are my ambitions when it comes to poker? Do I want to reach the highest stakes and earn my living with poker or do I just want to have a second income besides my day-to-day job?

What is my understanding of the game at this point? Am I a complete novice, do I know something about pot odds, implied odds, backdoors, fold equity, etc. If all these terms sound like rocket science to you, then it is better first to read a book, watch a video, and only then go for poker coaching with a professional player.

Once, you have answered these questions you can proceed with either choosing an experienced and trusted coach or continue developing your game by yourself. Good luck with your poker journey and let the river be with you!

Ognian Mikov

CEO of Ultimate Poker Coaching

I have nurtured a deep love for poker for over two decades and took my first significant steps in the game during the summer of 2010. Since then, I’ve played millions of hands both online and live.

Poker has remained a significant passion of mine, and I’ve committed a substantial amount of time to enhancing my skills, teaching others to play, writing about it, and managing this poker coaching platform.

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