5 Poker Tools to Bring your Game to the Next Level

Hold Em Manager Main ScreenWhat differs the common wanna-be poker player from the real professionals in online poker? You say the skill, right? As it’s a completely true statement, there is something else that pros hide up their sleeve. It’s the poker software, of course. In the century of advanced computation and technologies, using a program to aid your game is more than a must. So, here we are going to review some of the best tools out there. Let’s dive in the top 5 of the finest poker instruments.

Hold’em Manager 2

Price: $99.99

Surely one of the most popular and sophisticated solution out there is Hold’em Manager 2. The poker tool is simply amazing as it presents almost every possible statistic that you will need to improve your game. You can expect HM2 to help you with:

HM2 is extremely powerful poker software with intuitive interface. It covers more than 1000 metrics and can be integrated with other third-party tools, such as TableScanner, TableNinja, LeakBuster (we will review it below), SNG Wizard and others. If you are looking for truly professional poker instrument to help you out, Hold’em Manager 2 will satisfy you for sure.

Poker Tracker 4

Price: $99.99

The fourth version of the famous poker software PokerTracker is quite competitive as well. The tool is equipped with numerous features for analysis and tracking to improve the player’s game. Just like the previous platform that we’ve reviewed, PT 4 has a huge list of modules that we will dissect in details.

PokerTracker 4 is excellent software for professional players with all the required toolkits and features. Its place in the top 5 is well earned. The 30-day free trial of PT4 will be enough to show you how powerful this tool can be in the right hands.

NCE 3 (Note Caddy Edge)

Price: $14.99 per month

Another excellent software for both pro and amateur players. NoteCaddy Edge is a masterpiece created by Justin Howell and Robert Stelmach, both professional poker players. The third version of the tool contains one of the largest databases with player leaks that will help you get the advantage in most situations. NCE 3 has the following features bundled into one complete toolkit:

NCE 3 provides excellent support for pro poker players and it will surely benefit your game and bank. It’s a fully customizable toolkit, which surely worth every penny that you’ve invested in it.

Hold’em Indicator

Price: $99.50

One of the finest online poker calculators in the niche, Hold’em Indicator is state-of-art software with various functionalities to read and analyze your opponents, follow betting patterns or access critical data to make the right call. The online tool also supports many other third party software to enhance its capabilities even further. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of HI.

Hold’em Indicator is really simple, but extremely powerful software that brings you all the needed datasets and functionalities without the fancy stuff. If you like your tool to be on point, HI would be the right call for you.

Leak Buster 4

Price: $89.99

The creators of Hold’em Manager have made another amazing tool called Leak Buster. It’s fourth version is excellent addition to the arsenal of any recreational poker player. LB 4 is different from the other software suggestions. The tool focuses on one specific aspect of your game – the leaks. By analysing your game completely Leak Buster 4 will show you all the small costly habits that are draining your bankroll. With an extensive dataset of 460 potential leaks, the tool will give you the necessary feedback to improve your gameplay. LB 4 deeply analyses:

Leak Buster 4 is separate from HM, but it complements the popular software perfectly. If you are confident in your skills and aim to polish your game, this little tool is your best bet.


GTO Solvers

When we speak about the latest methods to improve your game and sharpen your poker skills, GTO solvers are the latest buzz in the poker world.
For beginning let’s explain what the abbreviation actually means. GTO solver comes from Game Theory Optimal.

In its core solvers are powerful pieces of software that generate optimal decisions for pre-selected situations. GTO solvers are calculators that go through millions of combinations to deliver you the best decision on how to optimally play your range based on several factors.

These solvers have turned the poker world upside down. They are a strong weapon in the hands of every player who is eager to invest some time out of the tables to learn how to extract the best from them. Even though many players and coaches find GTO as the ultimate poker winning strategy, solvers do have some limitations these days. First of all, they can be used only for heads up situations. Also, they are not cheap to buy. However, it is a wise long-term purchase that will help you figure out the game to a much higher level.

The GTO software will help you find the answer to questions every poker player asks himself constantly while playing poker. For example, I bet in every session you have at least several spots where you were thinking about:

and many many more. The applications are numerous but take into account that solvers present you with solutions that are taken from an ideal world where both parties always take the most optimal decision. However, we know that in reality this is not always the case. Still, having the chance to see a perfect strategy will give you crucial insights about the game and help you crush the competition.

Here are the 3 most popular solvers you can find on the market today:

Each of them has its merits along with some drawbacks. For example, poker players just starting with the solvers find GTO Range Builder easy to learn and play around with. PioSOLVER is also known for its easy-to-use software and functionality. SimplePostflop is known to be more tabular just like PioSOLVER compared to GTO Range Builder created to be more visually-oriented. For more details about GTO solvers and some nice examples how they work in reality you can check out this in-depth GTO Solver guide.


Poker tools and software present you with a great chance to get your game to the next level and climb up the limits. However, this will not come easy without any efforts from your side. Additional work outside the tables is required to extract the most from these tools.

If you would like to improve faster at poker our poker coaches will give you a hand and help you learn how to work with poker software that will make you stand out from the competition. And let’s be honest- the competition in poker in 2017 is really tough. Long gone are the times where with some practice and a few books players could win 4-5 figures easily.