What is Ultimate Poker Coaching all about?

Our ultimate goal is to make you a winning player, improve your poker knowledge, fix your leaks and at the end of the day boost your bankroll. We know what’s needed to succeed in poker nowadays and we are willing to pass our skills to you.

What are the pros of 1 vs. 1 coaching?

It gives a very individual approach for best results. While watching videos will give you some general ideas, a training session with a coach will concentrate on your own game on 100%. There isn’t a more effective way to get better at the game and master your skills.

How one typical coaching session goes?

Once you get in contact with the coach you would like to work with, you will be able to chat/speak with him. Prior to the session it’s advisable to share more info about you, your poker experience and goals (it won’t be charged). This will help your coach to provide you with the most effective coaching according to your personal needs and skill level.
Next step is to schedule a training session at a time and date that suits your needs best. You will only need good internet connection and a microphone for the coaching lesson. Skype is a preferred option, but we can go with other alternatives if you prefer so.

Do you offer coaching to beginners?

Yes, we do offer poker coaching no matter whether you are just starting with the game, or you already have some solid experienceWe will teach you everything you need to climb up the limits fast.

Do you offer MTT or cash games coaching?

We cover both of them. Our coaches have vast experience playing both formats live and online.

Are the coaches qualified enough to help me improve my game?

No doubt about it. We have selected winning professionals with huge experience in both playing and coaching. They perfectly understand the complexity of the game on a very deep level and know how to present the information to you in an easy to assimilate way.
The Ultimate Poker Coaching trainers have won millions of dollars playing poker over the years. They have won WCOOPs (World Championship of Online Poker), SCOOPs (Spring Championship of Online Poker), BIGs, HOTs, Mega Deeps, Whales and any other regular mtt out there.
One of the cash coaches have successfully complete a poker challenge bankroll- starting with 80$ and turning them into 1000$ in a matter of just 4k hands.

Do I need to register or sign up?

Absolutely, no! You don’t need to register in order to have a full access to our site. You can view the poker coaches’ pages, our blog, online poker rooms and software and other pages without any restrictions.

How do you charge?

The charge is per hour of coaching depending on the poker pro you choose + a small transaction fee of 5%. For any questions feel free to contact us at any time.
We offer a wide range of prices for every skill level, even for beginners with tight budget. Taking into account the experience and skills of the poker trainers, you are getting a really great price compared to the knowledge you will receive. Check out all our coaches here.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via Stripe at this time. We also provider alternative payment options, such as Bitcoin.

Where are your poker coaches based?

Ultimate Poker Coaching team consists of highly experienced and trained poker professionals located literally all over the world. We have coaches that reside in USA, England, Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria and even Australia.
These days thanks to Internet there are no boundaries in the quest to improve your poker game and increase your winnings.

So, no matter whether you come from Germany, Spain, Russia, France, Canada, Nigeria, Argentina, Mexico or any other country in the world the Ultimate Poker Coaching team is going to give you a hand and help you crush your opponents.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

No worries, we are always ready to answer your questions. Contact us here.

Ready to hire your professional poker coach?