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I`m a professional poker player and Academy mentor from Brazil in the BBZ Staking team, specializing in low/mid MTTs and taking shots at high stakes. My strongest skills include deep GTO understanding, ICM adjusted strategies for both pre-flop and post-flop. I will teach you how to think about the game in Game Theory Optimal, as well as when and why to deviate from it. I will help improve your game selection to maximize $/hr and ROI, as well as your thought process during hands. We will go over your hand histories, will run sims for you, show and explain ICM charts and run hands on ICMIZER. You will learn a lot and it will be fun as well.

Andrew Borman Ultimate Poker Coaching MTT coach Chip border frame

My name is Andrew Borman and I am a professional MTT player based out of Michigan, USA who has made nearly $200,000 in profit over the course of the past two years. I have experience working with over 10 students during that time and I’m confident our work will help you reach your poker goals.

John Bradley Ultimate Poker Coaching MTT Coach Chip border frame

John Bradley is an established poker pro and coach with more than 15 years of a wide variety of experience. He is a consistent long-term winner with over $1m in online profits.
John has played over 10,000,000 hands throughout his poker career which includes different formats such as cash games (up to $1k NL), MTT tournaments (up to $5000 buy-ins), SNGes, and more.
His biggest win is a $117,000 score for winning the GG Masters High Roller. He has a deep understanding of how populations tend to play, the psychological reasons why and what we can do to exploit these tendencies.

Poker Mindsent Coach Lex Chip border frame

Hi I’m Lex and I’m a poker Mindset Coach from the Netherlands. I help players from around the world with the mental side of poker to utilize their potential. I’ve improved the poker mindset of hundreds of players through 1-on-1 coaching, webinars and online courses. The sessions are built around your poker dream and creating mental muscles to get you through your personal challenges in poker.

Daniel Carter Ultimate Poker Coaching MTT coach Chip border frame

Daniel has been a professional poker player since 2004 and has coached over 100 students since 2016. He has a lot of experience on the felt and knows what it takes to be a professional. His approach with students is bottom-up, focusing on fundamentals to set strong foundations. Strengths include statistical analysis, player tendencies and mental coping strategies.

Ivo Donev a.k.a. TheChessmaster Chip border frame

Ivo Donev

Rate: $179 / hour

I am Ivo Donev– a former professional chess player and coach with more than 30 years of experience. I managed to use my chess skills and apply them successfully in poker. I am based in Lochau, Austria but travel to different locations all over the world for live poker tournaments. I regularly play the famous World Series of Poker events in Las Vegas and I have accumulated $2,000,000+ in winnings from live poker events. In 2017 I participated in the most prestigious live poker tournament for the year-The Poker Players’ Championship with a buy-in of $50,000 and won over $400,000 from it. I am available for poker coaching in several languages including English, German, Russian, Serbian and Bulgarian.

Mathias Maasberg, Ultimate Poker Coaching Coach Chip border frame

Mathias is a long-time Online NLH MTT professional with consistent success in High stakes MTTs as well as Low and Midstakes MTTs. He has made over $1.4 million dollars in profits online, one of his biggest wins being a $267k Score beating a 26k player field winning the $109 SCOOP Main Event on Pokerstars. His coaching focuses on a mix of game theory, mindset and a more abstract understanding of the art of MTTs, as the decisions in tournaments very often are determined by multiple factors including not only cev game theory but also ICM as well as understanding general player pool tendencies, people in general and their emotions.