Adam Ayala a.k.a. AomIsHot22

Adam Ayala a.k.a. AomIsHot22 Rate: $100 / hour
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Roughly 1000 Hours on Preflop & Postflop Solvers
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Hundreds of Poker Training Videos Created
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Millions of Hands Online from Micros to 1k NL
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Focused on Developing Fundamentals
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Hey everyone, I’m Adam, aKa “AomIsHot22”. I’ve been playing poker professionally mostly out of Thailand for almost 5 years. I have mostly been playing apps and various untracked sites 1/2 & 5/10 along with live play in Vegas, Los Angeles, and Macau up to $25/$50. I have struggled with the mental game and bankroll management parts of poker throughout my career, and I still have my issues with these even today, however, with that being said I’ve still been able to achieve 3bb/100 while playing on PokerStars lifetime. I would like to make it clear my biggest asset is being able to help people improve their overall strategy. The strategy is the part of the game I really understand and do pretty well. The other stuff is a lot less of my forte.

I’ve also had a Youtube channel where I play on Pokerstars for over 3 years with around 200 videos.

As a coach, my goal isn’t to help you play a single hand better or give you a solution but to give you the building blocks in order to be able to figure out situations in-game. We learn a methodology. We don’t try to figure out the solution. The why is always more important than the solution.

Poker coaching services offered:

    • Database Review:

You can send me your last 10-100k hands (the more information the better) and I will record a video analysis of your HH. We can start from preflop and then work to post-flop. I’ll look through some situations and break down spots I think you are performing poorly along with any recommendations I have on how to make improvements in those areas. The video will likely be 45min-1hour long.

Regarding follow-up questions pertaining to the database review video, I’m happy to answer them on Skype in my free time. This will take me personally 3-4 hours and I will charge $300 for this package.

    • Specific Hand History Review:

We can go through specific hand histories and discuss what is actually going on in reality, what our opponent’s strategies likely are, how we can counter them but also still not leave ourselves open to being exploited heavily. Often for HH review, I like to use PIO solver, Flopzilla, and our brains to think about what the best possible strategies are vs our opponent.

    • Solver Training

Study is all about efficiency. Through my years of using solvers, since 2017 I’ve been developing methods to study more in the most time-efficient manner while still getting the big picture. I teach my students how to really get the most out of Piosolver and not just run in circles. Through nearly 1,000 hours studying in Piosolver and other various poker training software, I have really gotten it down to a science.

Pricing info:

I do 90-minute coaching sessions as I feel 60 minutes tends to be a bit rushed. The price for a 90-minute session is $150 and for your first time $100.