Al Spath a.k.a. Teach

Al Spath a.k.a. Teach


$135 / hour

25+ Years of Coaching Poker Experience
Former Dean of the Largest Online Poker Training Site
Well Respected Poker Author for Various Magazines & Books
Has Produced 250+ Instructional Poker Videos

Al prefers to coach beginning and intermediate players, primarily in NL Hold’em cash games and sit n go tournaments. With an emphasis on position, card selection, bet sizing and ranging players, Al feels that he can make a significant and rapid improvement to one’s game at these two levels of poker competency.

With over twenty-five (25) years of experience in mentoring and coaching poker players build a strong foundation, Al can quickly help take your game to the next level without stress to the client. When clients meet him halfway, the task is made that much simpler.

For more than five years, Al distinguished himself serving as Dean of the largest, online poker training site, Poker School Online. He has personally trained over 650 individuals and while Dean, he coordinated training for an average of 4,000 students per month.

Al is also a very respected poker author with articles published in Poker Digest, Ante-Up, Live Action Poker and Rounder Magazines, and authored the Poker Journal book.

Al’s background as the Command Senior Enlisted Advisor for Combat Camera (Chief Master Sergeant), while serving his country for 24 years in the Air Force brings expert communication skills and a much-needed directness to his poker coaching.

He offers a brief but thorough FREE skype call (15-30min) to determine what will work best for the student before starting coaching sessions.  During this initial conversation, he will establish the current poker proficiency level on their poker journey, explore reasons they believe they are leaving money on the table, and then map out a training plan to eliminate the “leaks” and “holes” in their game!

If Al and the client feel it’s a good fit, we book it, however, if Al feels another coach has a clear set of skills that would better the client, Al will make that referral to a team member that will become the proper (fit) as a poker mentor and coach.


  • Al has produced more than 250 instructional videos which include: building online bankrolls; heads up play; cash game, single and multi-table tournament strategies; all designed to eliminate holes or detect leaks in your game. They are housed on his YouTube Channel.


      • Building a solid NL Hold’em poker foundation, which includes: card selection; bet sizing; position; poker odds: putting players on hands; and specific online tells.
      • Shadowing (real time), online clients with insightful questions and counsel to enable the player to make additional profits. These tips and options translate to more wins in tournaments and increased cash profits in ring games.


You can provide a spouse, a friend, or business colleague one or more sessions with Al.

Note: Al prefers players to work with players who have read various books or magazine articles and have already played online or live. (Complete novices should not book with Al).

5 or more sessions (10% off each lesson). i.e. 5 sessions @ $125 would cost $562.5 not $625.
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Karen McBride

I have known Al for years and received a lot of instruction from him while he was the dean of Poker School Online. He is a great teacher. He has a lot of patience and is very good at explaining things in terms that are easy to understand. He doesn’t just tell you what to do, he makes you understand why you should do things a certain way. We had a lot of instructors at PSO, and Al’s classes I tried never to miss. If you are serious about learning poker, Al is a great choice.
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Harry Townsend

I began in poker with Al at Poker School Online. I was completely raw having never played. I learned so much from his teaching sessions at PSO and later sites he worked with, that I have NEVER had a losing year. I took some private lessons with Al and they are well worth the money. I am a small time recreational player, but I am able to compete online and live with confidence solely because of his work with me. Besides he is a great guy who I am proud to call a friend.
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I’ve known Al since around 2005/2006 from his tenure as Dean of Poker School Online. I was not a paid client. I played in lots of his training games, and I watched several of his training videos. I also have read several of his poker articles. His tips have tremendously improved my game. Al is a great trainer/mentor/coach/friend and I recommend him highly. His coaching could improve the play of many players I have seen, from beginner to very advanced.
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Ronald Spaner

I have known Al Spath for 13 years. He has gotten my poker game on track which has helped me to make some very nice cashes. He has done the same for countless people. His poker knowledge is second to nobody. He is one of the best, if not the best poker coach in the poker world. His hand reading is second to nobody and his knowledge keeps on growing if you need more on Al please email me at
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Sharron Powers

I’ve known Al for years going back to PSO in 2005 and basically followed him to a number of different sites since then. I played in just about every training game available where he mentored us with his humour, easy-going style and in-depth knowledge of the game. He very generously passed on his knowledge out of love for the game. And he has an uncanny ability to ‘read’ opponents! I am a recreational player whose game has improved considerably over the years and that’s just from being at the tables with Al and listening to his comments, advice and critiques... I will forever be grateful for what I’ve learned from him. Al is a great mentor and coach and I would recommend him to anyone!