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Rate: $120 / hour

Andrew Borman a.k.a. blueskyQ8

  • Online Profit Near $200k Over the Past Two Years
  • Professional MTT Player with Consistent Profit
  • 55% ROI on US Based Sites with ABI Near $80
  • $1k buy-in MI MGM Series Winner


Hello, my name is Andrew Borman and I am 29 years old living in Michigan in the US. I am a professional poker player who focuses nearly entirely on online NLH MTTs but have experience playing 6-max and heads up online cash games; 9-max, 6-max, and heads up SNGs; spins; live MTTs and cash games; as well as some mixed game MTTs and cash games.

I have been playing professionally for about 2.5 years but started playing poker when I was 9 years old when I immediately fell in love with it and would deal 9 handed tables and play all the hands myself. I bring the same attitude today (although I use different methods to study) and I just love the game. Talking about it, watching it, studying it, playing it, getting better at it, teaching others how to get better at it, learning from others how to get better at it. You name it, and I’m here for it.

Not only am I deeply invested in the strategy part of the game, I also spend a lot of time working on the mental aspects of it as well. It is crucial, in my opinion, to put this work in if you want a long-lasting and fun relationship with the game. Therefore, I also try to engage my students in this way to make sure that there is a well-rounded foundation in place to be the most profitable player you can be while also having the most fun in good times and bad.

Over these past 2.5 years, I have made over $150,000 in profit in MTTs and most of that came just last year when I made right around $100,000. This is all without a cash over $20,000 so I am good at generating consistent income from MTT poker without needing huge scores. Below are my SharkScope and PokerTracker 4 (PokerStars account) stats/results.

Sharkscope MTT graph from PokerStars

My Story

I was not always on the path to being a professional poker player and I actually have both an undergraduate degree and a Master of Engineering degree so almost needless to say, I enjoy the math side of the game but that is certainly not it. I love the exploit side as well and truly just love “playing the game” where you get down and dirty and are no longer in any GTO game tree. Being comfortable in all situations like this, to me, is what separates the highest level players from the rest of the population. I am certainly not at the highest level right now, but that is my ultimate goal and I’d love to help you reach your ultimate goals while I chase mine.


I have worked with over 10 students in the past couple of years since I’ve been professional and have loved the experience. Also, given my educational background and my love for math and physics, I have 100s of tutoring hours in those subjects. So I really gravitate to sharing my knowledge with others and have a real passion for doing so and seeing students reach their potential.

I consider myself a highly exploitative player so I love discussing these exploits and showing when, where, and how to use them. I also have a strong passion for math and will dive into that when necessary during sessions to fill in the gaps.

Don’t worry if math is not your thing. All of the very difficult math done in poker theory is already taken care of with solvers, we just have to use some fairly basic techniques during gameplay to maximize our edge.

The other (very important) facet of the game that I enjoy going over during sessions is the mental side of the game. This is crucial if you want to not only last in this game but thrive and have the most fun you can which is what we all set out to do in the first place, so why not keep that going?

Coaching Plan

I will also break down a little bit about how our coaching sessions will go.

At first, we will assess your game and overall comfort level with things to determine where to start. If you are a complete beginner, we will start with the very basics and move as slowly or fast as I see fit.

If you are more than a complete beginner, most of the initial topics we will cover will involve preflop play because this is the foundation of everything and it’s extremely difficult to craft a winning strategy without a solid preflop strategy.

From there, we will dive into some flop concepts followed relatively quickly by how to follow that up with turn and river strategies. The good news is, once you have a solid preflop foundation, you can already be a winning player and once you have a solid preflop and flop strategy, you can start to crush some games. The rest tends to just add to the win rate. Of course, if there are serious issues in any later street, we will discuss those early on to try to plug those leaks as quickly as possible.

Also, if there is anything specific you want to go over during a certain session, I am more than happy to do so. I always tell my students, this is about you and having fun while getting better so if there is anything you want to do, that is my first priority.

Coaching Options I Offer:

·         Full preflop strategy using my own ranges plus GTO Wizard ranges

·         Database and hand history analysis

·         Population tendencies and how to exploit them

·         Solver practice

·         Tournament (or session) hand history reviews

·         Play and explain videos

·         Play heads up (for play money)

I will also offer guidance on:       

  • Bankroll management
  • Study materials outside of sessions
  • Game selection
  • MTT registration strategies
  • Mental game and performance tips

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve your poker goals!

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