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Rate: $150 / hour

Daniel Carter a.k.a. Lucky_scrote

  • Professional poker player for 17 years
  • Consistently high ROI at medium to high stakes
  • Huge scores including 1st Party poker millions ($200k), Sunday million 2nd & 3rd ($101k, $120k), 1st Thursday thrill $84k
  • Coaches 100+ students


Hey! I am Daniel, a very experienced poker player that primarily focuses on MTT poker. I have played cash and MTT both live and online, but the past 10 years is almost exclusively online MTT poker.

I have remained a successful poker professional for so many years due to my self-awareness and curiosity. I have developed a great understanding of how player pools think. Poker is a complicated game that I have always managed to stay one step ahead of and I have regularly been a part of large poker communities that have taught me a great deal about how people think about the game. I have regularly been part of a coaching team within these communities.

I first played poker in 2003. I wasn’t quite old enough to play yet so I played with friends and for play money. The itch I had to learn was indescribable and with the little money, I hustled I bought myself a library of poker books. Poker was very different back then.

I decided before I turned 18 that I would be making a living from this game and by the time I could play real money online I was way ahead. Poker software and knowledge were virtually non-existent, but I had a copy of the first-ever poker tracker that I put to good use. I believe that my obsession with numbers and game theory in poker stemmed from using this software.

I came firing out of the blocks early, but being a little fish in a big pond I was met with many challenges along the way. I had many personal problems in my life that held me back tremendously, they were difficult but taught me a lot about myself and my relationship with poker. Fortunately I have overcome many of these difficulties and can help others do the same. There are so many aspects of poker that I have learned a great deal from!

My Approach to Coaching:

The long journey of ups and downs can only be lived once, and therefore I derive a lot of happiness from helping others do the same. I didn’t have anyone to help me at the start of my journey (luckily the games were easier back then) but I know the difficulties that come with poker. My coaching sessions are tailored, but will mostly follow a similar process.

Firstly I will get an understanding of your approach to the game, what it is you want from poker and to get a good idea of your current playing ability and self awareness.

I am happy to give just a single coaching session where I can give some quick pointers and a little content to work with, but if you book several sessions with me then I will create a plan to roll back to the fundamentals of whichever part of your game we need to work on. It could be understanding player tendencies, calculating probability, or creating a thinking process, either way, I will help you create good habits and clear abstracts of the game.

Stat Review

Stat reviews were where my life as a poker coach began 7 years ago. If you would like me to give you a stat review as opposed to a video call over skype then I can analyse and write up a full report which will include a lot of different statistics, highlighting optimum values and where the focus of your game should be going. The write-up will include examples of hands that are problem areas and how to consider approaching them. This type of coaching can also be included in my regular coaching sessions. (2 hours)

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