Ivo Donev a.k.a. TheChessmaster

Ivo Donev a.k.a. TheChessmaster


$160 / hour

$2 000 000+ Winnings from Live Tournaments
WSOP Bracelet Holder
20+ Years of Poker Background
Listed in the All Time Poker Cashes Chart (Top 40 from over 500 000 players)

Hot Offers:

  • Special August discount- $160 instead of $190 (including Hand Analysis with Piosolver & Monkey Solver)
  • Custom price for beginners– contact me and I will give you a special lower price along with many additional poker materials for free!

Hello poker enthusiasts!

My name is Ivo Donev. I graduated in 1987 from National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski” in Sofia, Bulgaria as a chess coach. Chess and poker have numerous features in common. In both games, you need to be disciplined in the first place to succeed. Also, logical thinking and an analytical mind are crucial in both.  With more than 30 years of experience with the game of chess, I managed to use my skills and apply them successfully in poker. I am a former professional chess player with the prestigious rank of International Master.

When it comes to poker, I usually play on the mid-to-high stakes limits and mostly live tournaments for 20+ years now. With more than $2 000 000 total winnings from live tournaments, I am ranked second in Austria All Time Money List, as well as a holder of a bracelet from WSOP 2000 $1 500 + 70 Limit Omaha Event.

I’ve played in some of the most famous live tournaments worldwide and ranked 4th place at the most famous WSOP event for 2017 – The Poker Players’ Championship with a buy-in of $50 000. During the tournament, I managed to bust the notorious poker player and media star Daniel Negreanu. I’ve faced many other world-class opponents throughout my poker career and played against players such as Phil Ivey, Phil Helmuth and many more.

Ivo Donev and Joe Cada World Series of Poker Champ

My expertise covers everything related to poker, but mostly hands analysis, extensive coverage of the NL Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha format of the game, and live tournament analysis. I am a great mental coach and I can teach you how to handle the psychological part of the game, which is extremely important in live gaming. I was also a coach at Poker Strategy where I helped numerous students improve their poker game and boost their bankrolls.

I am available for poker coaching in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Bulgarian.
3 hours in advance - 3% Discount; 5 hours in advance - 5% Discount; 10 hours in advance - 10% Discount ;

Special price for new players- contact Ivo Donev for more details.

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Andreas a.k.a. ChipShippers

Ivo is a very good poker coach with huge experience and he improved my game within the first coachings, he is defintely worth it! He is extremely reliable with appointments and a tech savy, so communication is perfect!