Jacob Topley a.k.a. Toppers

Jacob Topley Texas Hold Em Coach Rate: $45 / hour
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100's of hours coaching experience
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Microstake Winrate of over 10bb/100 hands
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GTO and Exploitative playing style
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1000's of hours playing experience
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Hi, I’m Jacob Topley and since I was 18, I’ve been playing poker absolutely falling in love with the game. After a couple of years playing casually alongside university, I became the president of Newcastle University Poker Society with over 300 players and alumni where I coached and organised tournaments. I currently play online and live Texas Hold’em to generate an income regularly logging over 30k cash hands a week.

One of the benefits of being young still is that I have witnessed many new players try and fail to beat poker online and using my own knowledge that I have accumulated I can help go through your game and help you to become a winning player. A benefit of teaching players who are less experienced is that I understand how they think and approach the game.

I can help you understand and improve:

  • Exploitative and GTO playing styles at stakes from 2nl to 50nl online;
  • Theory for all aspects of the game;
  • How to study effectively in your own time;
  • How to use data on your opponents to exploit them;
  • Database analysis;
  • How to move between online and live (or vice versa).

I specialize in helping newer players adjust to the game and beat micro-mid stakes, as this is where most of my experience comes from, however, my ability to spot leaks and coach is still just as good for more regular players. Many payers that I have helped end up seeing a dramatic improvement to their game and their ability to beat the stakes they play.

What is a consultation session?

A consultation session ($45) is a chance for you to have your game looked at by a pro. You send in footage from you playing online that I meticulously analyse and review. This indicates to me where in your current game you are falling short and where it would be most effective for you to spend your study time. I’ll look at the most important hands that you played and touch on some of the more basic theories (if you’re missing that).

I’ll write these comprehensive notes into a document and send them your way, with time stamps and insight into why what you’re doing is wrong, or how I’ve come to certain conclusions based on what you said.

This document will show you the parts of the game where you have the biggest and most egregious leaks in, and what you would need to study in order to patch them up.

Please note that the rate of $45 per hour is only for a student’s first coaching hour. All hours after the initial session will be charged at the rate of $55 per hour. Fees still apply.

Check out a Fragment from a Poker Coaching Session with Jacob Topley and a Cash Game Student: