James Brady a.k.a. 22anygood

James Brady a.k.a. 22anygood


$45 / hour

Playing Poker for 9 Years
Online Profit Almost 200 000$
Over 35 000 Online Mtts Played
4+ Years of Coaching Experience


I have been playing poker for about 9 years total and 5 years professionally. In this time, I have played over 35k online mtts tournaments and have around 6500 cashes online. The majority of my cashes are from Pokerstars where I play under rssoul20, however I have over 80k profit on other sites (full tilt, party, .fr , 888 etc) . Including untracked sites/scores my online profit is close to 200k dollars.

I also have a good amount of live cash game experience in London (where I am from) and would estimate that I have around £15000 pounds in profit.


My biggest scores have come on Pokerstars and Full tilt where I have chopped the bigger 109 for 33k, got 8th in a mini ftops main for 43k, 1st in big 109 for 25k and a 1st and 2nd in big 162 for 32k total. I also have won the big 22 and got 2nd in big 55 for 13k so have big scores in a range of buy ins. I have also finalled many other ‘big’ tournaments on stars including the Sunday Warm up. I also have dozens of scores between 2k and 6k over a range of high to low stakes on Pokerstars and over sites.

Coaching experience:

I have been coaching for around 3 years and since then I would estimate I have coached 35-40 to students in that time. I would say practically all of them would recommend me to a new student as they gained a lot from my coaching and developed their skills as well as increased their winnings and banrkoll.

And if recommendations are needed before committing to a lesson this won’t be an issue. I have some students who I have coached over a period of over a year as they continue to get value from my coaching style.

As someone who has worked in education for over five years I pride myself on bringing this educational aspect to my lessons and in turn I think this gives my coaching extra value.

I use Skype and a screen sharer to coach with students and work with them through:

    • hand analysis using their hands / hand histories saved on Pokertracker or HEM
    • stat analysis
    • how to use poker programs such as Еquilab and Holdem Resources Calculator effectively
    • using programs like PIO solver to look at GTO approach to the game
    • their overall approach to playing on different sites, for instance how to adjust their ranges and approach from Pokerstars to Party to 888 etc.
    • working on practical and mental elements of their game, ensuring that I share advice that has helped me to cope with the pressures of playing online poker in the modern era.

    Free Hand Analysis from James Brady a.k.a. 22anygood:

Book 5 lessons and pay $200 instead of $225 ($40 per hour instead of $45)
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Kev W.

I have played poker for 9 years and have found that I'm always a middle man, hanging on for that magic double up, I finally decided I wanted to change that and luckily I stumbled across the ultimate poker coaching website. I watched a video by James and enjoyed the clear and concise logical approach. I booked 5hrs and enjoyed every minute, James covered a range wide of topics and has great range charts to help you really think about positioning and being more aggressive. I'm now regularly chipping up early on in tournaments and have booked a further 5 sessions to make that step to being a profitable poker player. James is very technical and knowledgeable when it comes to texas holdem. I can highly recommend booking some sessions to help look at the areas of the game you can improve on. James is very flexible with what subjects are covered and is always on hand outside of the sessions to provide any additional clarity or advice. Kev W
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Jamie Dwan

I have bought over 10 hours of lessons with James and have seen a night and day difference in my game. Since having regular lessons with James I have had the biggest scores in my career as well as comfortably competing in higher stakes tournaments. James is an excellent teacher, easy to speak to with great experienced insight to share about the game. If you want to improve your MTT game I would highly recommend contacting James.
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I recently bought a 10 hours of lessons with James and we worked through a lot of material for my development. For example poker situational awareness, understanding player profiles,hand breakdown analysis, bet sizing, positional hand ranges and much more. I found James very easy to talk to, and his understanding of the game was to the highest level. Where he also had a good way of communicating the concepts so i could understand the theory behind it. My game has improved tremendously since taking the coaching with him. I have now used a lot of the coaching tactics which I have learnt from James in my game which has helped me become more profitable. I would defiantly advise anyone looking for a MTT coach to seek out James.
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Did 10 hours with James. Great guy, always learned a lot from every single lesson.

I really appreciated the time he took aside the lesson to answer my questions and give his feedback on hands I just played, this was immensely valuable!

I think at that price he is really a bargain, go for it before he increases his price!

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I have had quite a few sessions with James now and am really feeling a lot more confident. James is friendly and approachable.

From the first session, James quickly saw areas we could work on. We have spent the sessions going through HH and looking at certain spots. Each session brings new ideas and concepts to put into my game.

The lessons are very interesting with lots of interaction. The added time i have spent working on poker with James has payed off as i recently chopped the mini million on stars for $12.6k.

I would recommend James to anyone who wants to improve. James explains his thoughts very clearly for great, great value.

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I decided to seek for coaching because I was struggling with my transition from cash game(mostly live cash games) to online tournaments.

James has been coaching me for one month now and I find him very knowledgeable and helpful. My improvement is huge, I finished 3rd in Bounty Builder 44 on stars right after the first session with him.

During our sessions he not only provides excellent hand history reviews, but also teaches me about game selections, mental games etc which are also extremely valuable. I recommend him for anyone looking to improve their game seriously.

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Turned 21 last November and started getting more into poker. Had decent success to start out - shipped Nightly $11 (Carbon) and chopped up a live tourney for a couple k as well. And my journey kind of started from there - I knew that I could improve my game, and I wanted to. I wanted to be a student of the game and get better. I got PT4, and started using programs like SnG Coach, ICMizer, and eventually sought out James around May.

I probably had about 10 sessions with James so far and look forward to more. James has a great understanding of the game and know’s how to put it into an educational component. I would defiantly recommend coaching to anyone who wants to improve their game and develop their thought process.

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James is a great coach and if you're looking for help to improve your game he is definitely your man. Even if you already play for quite some time he helps you to build solid fundamentals and a good foundation of technical understanding for the game which is key to improve.

He is super flexible and uncomplicated regarding the times of the sessions and not cutting the session if 1 hour is finished but takes the time to finish the topic you are working on.

I think the price he takes for one session is worth x times of what you will get in return if you really want to work on your game. Definitely +EV this guy.