James Brady a.k.a. 22anygood

James Brady a.k.a. 22anygood Rate: $45 / hour
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Playing Poker for 9 Years
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Online Profit Almost 200 000$
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Over 35 000 Online Mtts Played
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4+ Years of Coaching Experience
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I have been playing poker for about 9 years total and 5 years professionally. In this time, I have played over 35k online mtts tournaments and have around 6500 cashes online. The majority of my cashes are from Pokerstars where I play under rssoul20, however I have over 80k profit on other sites (full tilt, party, .fr , 888 etc) . Including untracked sites/scores my online profit is close to 200k dollars.

I also have a good amount of live cash game experience in London (where I am from) and would estimate that I have around £15000 pounds in profit.


My biggest scores have come on Pokerstars and Full tilt where I have chopped the bigger 109 for 33k, got 8th in a mini ftops main for 43k, 1st in big 109 for 25k and a 1st and 2nd in big 162 for 32k total. I also have won the big 22 and got 2nd in big 55 for 13k so have big scores in a range of buy ins. I have also finalled many other ‘big’ tournaments on stars including the Sunday Warm up. I also have dozens of scores between 2k and 6k over a range of high to low stakes on Pokerstars and over sites.

Coaching experience:

I have been coaching for around 3 years and since then I would estimate I have coached 35-40 to students in that time. I would say practically all of them would recommend me to a new student as they gained a lot from my coaching and developed their skills as well as increased their winnings and banrkoll.

And if recommendations are needed before committing to a lesson this won’t be an issue. I have some students who I have coached over a period of over a year as they continue to get value from my coaching style.

As someone who has worked in education for over five years I pride myself on bringing this educational aspect to my lessons and in turn I think this gives my coaching extra value.

I use Skype and a screen sharer to coach with students and work with them through:

    • hand analysis using their hands / hand histories saved on Pokertracker or HEM
    • stat analysis
    • how to use poker programs such as Еquilab and Holdem Resources Calculator effectively
    • using programs like PIO solver to look at GTO approach to the game
    • their overall approach to playing on different sites, for instance how to adjust their ranges and approach from Pokerstars to Party to 888 etc.
    • working on practical and mental elements of their game, ensuring that I share advice that has helped me to cope with the pressures of playing online poker in the modern era.

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