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Rate: $50 / hour

James Brady a.k.a. 22anygood

  • Playing Poker for 9 Years
  • Online Profit Almost $200 000
  • Over 35 000 Online Mtts Played
  • 4+ Years of Coaching Experience


I have been playing poker for about 10 years total and 6 years professionally. During this time, I have played over 50k online multi-table tournaments and have around 8000 cashes online. The majority of my cashes are from Pokerstars where I play under rssoul20, however, I have over 80k profit on other sites (Full Tilt, Party, Pokerstars.fr,GG Poker, 888, and more). Including untracked sites/scores, my online profit is close to 200k dollars (shown below).

James Brady’s total online profit via Sharkscope

I also have a good amount of live cash game experience in London (where I am from) and would estimate that I have around £15000 pounds in profit.


My biggest scores have come on Pokerstars and Full Tilt where I have chopped the bigger 109 for 33k, got 8th in a mini FTOPS main for 43k, 1st in big 109 for 25k, and a 1st and 2nd in big 162 for 32k total. I also have won the big 22 and got 2nd in Big 55 for 13k so have big scores in a range of buy-ins. I have also finalled many other ‘big’ tournaments on Stars including the Sunday Warm Up. I also have dozens of scores between 2k and 6k over a range of high to low stakes on Pokerstars and over sites.

Coaching experience:

I have been coaching for around 8 years and since then I would estimate I have coached over 100 students in that time. I would say practically all of them would recommend me to a new student as they gained a lot from my coaching and developed their skills as well as increased their winnings and bankroll.

And if recommendations are needed before committing to a lesson this won’t be an issue. I have some students who I have coached over a period of over a year as they continue to get value from my coaching style. Please, check the Reviews tab to see the positive reviews some of the former students have left!

What I can offer as a coach:

  • One-to-one personalized poker coaching using screen share with either Skype or Discord (what is preferred).
  • I teach poker using the winning strategies that have made me a successful poker player over the years.
  • Hand History Reviews to improve students’ games directly and help reduce leaks and mistakes in their poker game.
  • I use multiple programs such as Power Equilab and Hold Em Resources Calculator to give students an introduction to the preflop and equity basics of poker/MTT strategy
Poker software (Equilab) in action during a poker coaching session with a student
  • Coaching using Poker Solvers such as PIO solver to break down the more technical aspects of GTO/post-flop poker
James Brady using PIO Solver for analyzing students’ hand histories
  • Detailed notes (with screenshots) during every lesson to give the students valuable resources so they can review the session after it is completed. Notes are shared and edited in Google Docs to enable interactive learning between myself and students.
An example of detailed and student-specific notes
  • I take time to prepare lessons and try to create interesting concepts for my students rather than the usual HH review that many coaches do over and over.
One of the many interesting lessons I teach to my students
  • As someone who has worked in education for over five years I pride myself on bringing this educational aspect to my lessons and in turn I think this gives my coaching sessions extra value.
  • If required a 5 to 10-minute introduction chat free of charge to establish contact and determine whether we are the correct fit as a student and coach.

I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve the poker goals that you have been striving for!