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Rate: $75 / hour

Josha Matthewman a.k.a. SteelBreeze

  • 3rd in WCOOP $530 Sunday Million for $128k
  • 38% ROI in <$60 on Pokerstars
  • GTO Knowledge and Population Exploits
  • $200k Profit Playing MTTs and Cash Games

Hi, my name is Josha and I’m a 27-year-old professional poker player from the UK. I’ve been playing full-time for over three years and have over $200k profit playing both tournaments and cash games. I have worked alongside hundreds of professional poker players, as a colleague, student, and coach, and know what strategies correlate to the biggest win rates.

I am still very much a student of the game myself, putting in around seven hours of study a week to deepen my GTO understanding and keep up with the latest strategies and pool trends. All of my work now revolves around online MTTs, although I did spend a year grinding app-based ante cash games. During that time, I was lucky enough to work around statistical experts who taught me how to analyse population tendencies, and most importantly: how to maximally exploit weaker players.

I started coaching around two years ago and have had great feedback from all my students. In fact, several went on to have their career-biggest scores within a couple of months of working together. During our sessions together we can cover a range of topics; we will always discuss beforehand so that we can find the most impactful topic for you and your goals, and I can fully prepare relevant materials for the session. You can see my Sharkscope profit here.

Topics can include:

  • Database аnalysis: a comprehensive leakfinder, pinpointing exactly where you can make more money at the tables;
  • Hand history review: discuss your play and thought process, and how it can be improved in real-game situations;
  • Effective study methods and designing a personalised study routine based on your current skill, learning style, and goals;
  • Specific тopics such as cbetting, turn probes, or ICM;
  • Deep dive into specific topics: еxplore the theory, practicality, and population exploits of a topic such as c-betting, bluff-catching, check-raising and more.
  • Marked hands: bring trouble hands along, and we will fix all of your doubts!

Database Review

I believe a database review is one of the most productive coaching methods I offer, and I highly recommend it as a first session for any serious players. I will review all of your statistics and range construction from preflop to river and highlight any areas that can be improved. You will receive all of this information in a detailed document along with a video explanation, exploring the theory behind relevant situations with examples from your own hands. You can always follow up with questions and I’d be happy to further explain through Discord.

This often leads to an immediate gain in winrate with tonnes of immediate fixes and can give you a roadmap for further self-study or coaching sessions. See my reviews if you’re not convinced!

Please note the Database Review is charged at two hours.

Small Group Session Deal

Opening up some spaces for small group sessions:

  • Much more affordable for each person
  • Close-knit group to study with
  • More perspectives and interactivity during sessions

The offer:

  • Weekly group sessions to attend live. All will be recorded and shared afterwards to rewatch or catch up if you missed it.
  • Discord group to discuss things in between sessions
  • Giveaways every month for 1-1 coaching (high chance to win in your small group!)
  • Bonus material each month including live recorded sessions with commentary, recorded study sessions, or similar.

Groups will be 3-5 people and the cost is just $100 per person per month for 5+ hours of coaching time. Less than $20/hr!

To apply please use the contact this coach button above and I will try to fit you into an appropriate group. Please include:

  • Brief description of your poker journey so far.
  • Your timezone and rough preferred times for sessions Monday-Friday.

My Sharkscope Profit Graph:

Josha Matthewman - Sharkscope Graph with Results

Check out MTT Poker Hand Analysis with PIO & HRC Software by Josha:

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