Kelvin Beattie a.k.a Acesup

Kelvin Beattie a.k.a Acesup Rate: $150 / hour
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10 Triple Crowns
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$4 000 000 in Tournament Earnings
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Former Australian #1 Ranked Online Player
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14+ Years of Professional Experience
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Hey poker fans,

I’m Kelvin ‘Acesup’ Beattie – an experienced coach and former Australian #1 ranked online player (Pocket 5’s Rankings). I am born in Australia but currently reside in Japan. My winnings exceed $4,000,000 with over half a million in profit online, as well as 10 triple crowns.

My journey started back in 1998 in Crown Melbourne, where I managed to beat the low limits and get to the biggest NL games. I am a consistent winner and I play poker for a living.

I take my coaching very seriously and have helped dozens of MTT players achieve better results. With more than 14 years of professional poker experience, I can help you improve your game significantly and prepare you to compete with the pros.

I examine tournaments or hands you’d like reviewed and find leaks in your game. Then offer advice on steps to improve. Along with my experience I use tools such as PIOSolver, which allows me to offer both GTO and exploitative analysis.