Konstantin Zerdev a.k.a. BadBeatPls

Konstantin Zerdev a.k.a. BadBeatPls


$85 / hour

Playing Poker for 7 years
$150 000+ Profit since 2016
$100 000+ Profit in 2019
3rd in Sunday Mega Deep

Hello, my name is Konstantin Zerdev, I am 26 years old MTT grinder.

I’ve been playing poker professionally for 7 years now, and I am a part of the BBZ Staking group for 5 years.

I am playing mainly MTT NL Hold’em and I have a ton of experience over the past years on everything ranging from $11 to $215 on PokerStars, Party, 888, WPN and Winamax networks (also Full Tilt in the past). I am working with a really large database of over 50 professional grinders and have really good expertise in the fields of bankroll management and game selection for different stakes, schedules and site access. I also work a lot with solvers, so I can provide great insight into GTO and how to exploit people who deviate from it in different manners.

In case you are interested in my scores, you can check my Sharkscope scores here.

I took up coaching late in 2016 and the people that got time with me made dramatic improvements over the course of a small-time. I am working using Teamviewer and Skype + supplementary programs when spots need mathematical explanations or when deeper meta-game questions emerge.

Check out 3 interesting MTT hands I have played- dissected and analyzed by me

- Pay 3 hours, and get 1 hour of live sweat free (watching the coach live while he plays and explains his decisions.);

- Pay 6 hours and get 2.5 hours of live sweat free;

- Pay 10 hours get 2.5 hours of live sweat + 1.5 hours of coaching free.

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So I have been working with Konstantin for around 6 to 7 weeks now for 1 hour a week I was wondering for myself why am I running so bad,constantly, I felt I couldn't catch a break,but from the very beginning of my coaching my guy has made it obvious to me my ranges were to wide, my positions vs hand strength wasn't right, he made me aware that I wasn't running bad I was playing to wide, he has given me priceless advice in regards to my poker game based on his analysis,the hour spent with him isn't all that you get, he also checks in out of hours, gives advice as to game selection(buy ins,fields,speed etc etc), he has given me a number of books to buy and read,now this is something that he could have took time out of our sessions to do and waste our time but he was nice and genuine enough to not do that, he treats you more like a friend and wants nothing but you to succeed in poker, he gets personal satisfaction out of this, not long after starting with konstantin I won a tournament and placed 5th in a massive field for $3800+!. I initially stated with 6 hours and when they were close to ending purchased another 10 hours and will continue to work with him in the future, thanks Konstantin😊
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T. Cristian

I would like to thank Konstantin for the quality, patience and the professionalism that he proved during our coaching lessons. Since we started working together he has paid great attention to the details that matter in order to improve my game, and after 2 weeks since we started I succeeded to play several final tables on 16$ average stake and have a profit rate over 2500$