Konstantin Zerdev a.k.a. BadBeatPls

Konstantin-Zerdev-a.k.a.-BadBeatPls coach Rate: $85 / hour
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Playing Poker for 7 years
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$150 000+ Profit since 2016
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$100 000+ Profit in 2019
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3rd in Sunday Mega Deep
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Hello, my name is Konstantin Zerdev, I am 26 years old MTT grinder.

I’ve been playing poker professionally for 7 years now, and I am a part of the BBZ Staking group for 5 years.

I am playing mainly MTT NL Hold’em and I have a ton of experience over the past years on everything ranging from $11 to $215 on PokerStars, Party, 888, WPN and Winamax networks (also Full Tilt in the past). I am working with a really large database of over 50 professional grinders and have really good expertise in the fields of bankroll management and game selection for different stakes, schedules and site access. I also work a lot with solvers, so I can provide great insight into GTO and how to exploit people who deviate from it in different manners.

I took up coaching late in 2016 and the people that got time with me made dramatic improvements over the course of a small-time. I am working using Teamviewer and Skype + supplementary programs when spots need mathematical explanations or when deeper meta-game questions emerge.

Check out 3 interesting MTT hands I have played- dissected and analyzed by me