Kris Rukov a.k.a. RukovGrind

Kris Rukov aka RukovGrind Rate: $75 / hour
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Playing Poker for 10 years
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Crushed the micros... Twice
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Playing 500NL live and 200NL online
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Experienced Coach
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Hello folks, I’m Kris Rukov and I’m cash and mental game poker coach for I started playing professionally in 2012 and It’s been an incredible ride since. I won`t trade my job for anything else!

I play 500NL live mainly but when I play online I play up to 200NL. I coach 6max cash and I lean on the mental side of the game as well.

I ran my own cash game stable, and I am proud to say that I have more than 1000 hours of coaching experience. All students started on 2NL and 5NL, and most of them reached 50NL, and some reached even 100NL within just a couple of months. I can say I have an excellent success rate judging by the feedback from my students.

I don’t only coach poker strategy but also lean on the mental game because a lot of the time there are things outside poker that obstruct you to reach your ultimate goal and I’ll help you out find and fix them.

What do I coach?

I coach cash games, short-handed (6max), Texas Hold’em Online Poker (up to 100 NL as well as 9 handed live games up to 500 NL). Also, as I already mentioned I touch on the mental side of the game.

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