Lachezar Petkov a.k.a. Lach

Lachezar Petkov a.k.a. Lach


$85 / hour

Consistent Winner for 10+ Years
Over $1.700.000 in Live Earnings
Won over $1.000.000 from PokerStars Championship Barcelona 2017
Background in HU & Spins; Now Playing MTTs Live & Online


Hey, my name is Lachezar Petkov.

I’m a professional poker player with more than 10 years of experience. In my career, I won more than 1.7 Million US Dollars exclusively from live events.

Currently, I’m staying at #5 at all time Bulgarian Money Making list according to Hendon Mob.

I started playing the game with pocket money in high-school and a few years later I finished making a deal in one of the most prestigious tournaments in EuropeEPT Barcelona and winning more than 1,000,000 US Dollars.

In my poker journey, I managed to grab some High Roller titles as well – both of them in Merit, Cyprus for $170, 000 and $120,000.

I mastered the game starting from Heads-Up Sit’n’Goes (HUSNG) and Spin and goes(SPINS).

Currently, I’m playing full time live and online MTTs and I’m ready to give you full coaching on all these formats. I coached many of the players in my stable with 1 on 1 or group sessions.

I would like to help you elevate your game to the next level. It is my burning desire to add value to people’s lives and give back not just in a financial way. Through my experience, knowledge, desire and passion for the game, I believe I can positively influence anyone who aims to improve and be successful.

To see someone I helped to succeed is bigger and more gratifying than any reward.

Welcome to Winner City…

How do I Stand out as a Coach / What Can I Bring to the Table:

  • Solid GTO understanding (through a comprehensive study of extensive GTO data on HU and SPINS via varied solvers; Piosolver work on MTTs and many other sources such as MTT courses (ex. Bencb; Petrangelo), coachings (I have been coached 1on1 and group), through video subscriptions (such as RunItOnce) etc.
  • Experience and ability to read and recognize situations that go beyond theory
  • A full-time player who improves and grinds on a regular basis both live and online
  • Experience in different formats and both on the live and online scene
  • Mental fortitude and ability to approach situations and spots like a champion and a poker athlete (including coachings and consumption of study material of Elliot Roe and Jared Tendler)
  • Top places won multiple times on multiple big events
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to see things from the student’s perspective and put myself in his/her shoes
  • Everybody can teach you ranges whereas I will teach you HOW TO THINK and how to read the table and recognize situations and opportunities to exploit your competition
  • Desire to add value and help potential student excel

Sharkscope alias- here and here.

Pillars of Success:

  • Psychological (Mental Game, Motivation, Meditation, Flow State, Clear Headedness)
  • Physical (Health, Exercise, Nutrition)
  • Knowledge (Learn, Discuss, Review)
  • Practice (Play, Test, Improve)

Personal Background:

Hometown: Varna, Bulgaria
Study: Undergraduate with First in Hospitality & Tourism Management, University of Surrey, United Kingdom
Work: Hotel Entertainment – sports entertainer to a manager (Golden Sands, Bulgaria; Corfu, Greece, Training – Canary Islands, Spain)

  • 2012 Olympics Team Adidas Hospitality Representative (London, United Kingdom)
  • F&B Management Training (Professional Placement Year – Admirals Cove luxury country club, Florida, USA)
  • Lived in the UK, USA and Bangkok and travelled the world playing poker
  • Currently blessed to be married to an amazing wife and father of the cutest 1-year-old baby boy

The Coaching Process:

Initially, I’d like to have a chat/ talk (usually via Skype) with any potential student to enquire where he/she stands and what we should work on. Then you can send a video or hand history that I will review and make notes on prior to our first session, combined with other materials I have prepared.

I will do my best to be an asset for you and provide value because your success is my gratification.

Welcome to Winner City!

  • $400 for 5 sessions (save 25$);
  • $700 for 10 sessions (save 150$)
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Stoyan Obreshkov (Live and Online Pro with $1.2mil earnings live and a $350k top score in SHPO, Florida, USA)

One of the players I really enjoy discussing poker with is Lachezar. He has a deep understanding of GTO and at the same time a good feeling of the population tendencies for both online and live. He combines strategy with solid mental game and performance-oriented approach to keep staying ahead of the curve for so many years in different formats of the game. I am very thankful that Lachezar is in my circle.
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Ognyan “cocojamb0” Dimov (Top Online MTT High Roller, EPT Main Event Champion and EPT Main Event 3rd place)

Lachezar is a good communicator and has a solid background in an important formats such as heads up. We have travelled a lot on the live scene and he has done tremendously well. He will definitely be an asset for you if you pick him as your coach.
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Manig Loeser (Top High Roller player; $11,000,000 live earnings; Triton Poker Champion for $2,200,000 score)

Played with Lachezar a lot and consider him an extremely tough opponent, a very good pick if you consider getting coaching.
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Alireza Fatehi (Businessman; Philanthropist; $2,000,000 live earnings; 2x 3rd place in 100k$ buyin Super High Roller)

I have played with Lachezar on multiple High Roller events. He is a strong player with a winning attitude and a great guy. I fully recommend him as your potential coach.
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Alex “grinder1992” Dimitrov (Top Online MTT Reg with $4,000,000+ cashes)

From the analyses Lachezar and I have done I see consistency and desire for improvement on his end through different methods. That is evident for most people, who are in the game for that many years. He always strives to put his argument well and doesn't leave unclear discussions. That is highly important for a dynamic game such as poker. Through the logical alignment of his thinking process, it is very easy to understand how to improve your game. The experience he has with Spin&Go is vital for the end of the tournament, and the hours spent studying outside of the tables - for the rest. Exactly for these reasons I recommend coaching with Lachezar, he is prepared to endure the marathon until its end.
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Raffaele Sorrentino ($2,000,000 live earnings, EPT Main Event Champion and EPT Main Event 3rd place)

Lachezar and I played on the final table in EPT Barcelona Main Event 2017. He is a skilful player and a tough opponent - it was a great challenge to play against him. I recommend him as a coach 100%.
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Albert Daher ($4,000,000 live earnings, 25k EPT High Roller Monte Carlo Champion)

I've played against Lachezar for years and he always seemed to be in control of every table he sits, would highly recommend getting coached by him he’s a beast.