Lachezar Petkov a.k.a. Lach

Lachezar Petkov a.k.a. Lacho Rate: $85 / hour
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Consistent Winner for 10+ Years
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Over $1.700.000 in Live Earnings
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Won over $1.000.000 from PokerStars Championship Barcelona 2017
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Background in HU & Spins; Now Playing MTTs Live & Online
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Hey, my name is Lachezar Petkov.

I’m a professional poker player with more than 10 years of experience. In my career, I won more than 1.7 Million US Dollars exclusively from live events.

Currently, I’m staying at #5 at all time Bulgarian Money Making list according to Hendon Mob.

I started playing the game with pocket money in high-school and a few years later I finished making a deal in one of the most prestigious tournaments in EuropeEPT Barcelona and winning more than 1,000,000 US Dollars.

In my poker journey, I managed to grab some High Roller titles as well – both of them in Merit, Cyprus for $170, 000 and $120,000.

I mastered the game starting from Heads-Up Sit’n’Goes (HUSNG) and Spin and goes(SPINS).

Currently, I’m playing full time live and online MTTs and I’m ready to give you full coaching on all these formats. I coached many of the players in my stable with 1 on 1 or group sessions.

I would like to help you elevate your game to the next level. It is my burning desire to add value to people’s lives and give back not just in a financial way. Through my experience, knowledge, desire and passion for the game, I believe I can positively influence anyone who aims to improve and be successful.

To see someone I helped to succeed is bigger and more gratifying than any reward.

Welcome to Winner City…

How do I Stand out as a Coach / What Can I Bring to the Table:

  • Solid GTO understanding (through a comprehensive study of extensive GTO data on HU and SPINS via varied solvers; Piosolver work on MTTs and many other sources such as MTT courses (ex. Bencb; Petrangelo), coachings (I have been coached 1on1 and group), through video subscriptions (such as RunItOnce) etc.
  • Experience and ability to read and recognize situations that go beyond theory
  • A full-time player who improves and grinds on a regular basis both live and online
  • Experience in different formats and both on the live and online scene
  • Mental fortitude and ability to approach situations and spots like a champion and a poker athlete (including coachings and consumption of study material of Elliot Roe and Jared Tendler)
  • Top places won multiple times on multiple big events
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to see things from the student’s perspective and put myself in his/her shoes
  • Everybody can teach you ranges whereas I will teach you HOW TO THINK and how to read the table and recognize situations and opportunities to exploit your competition
  • Desire to add value and help potential student excel

Sharkscope alias- here and here.

Pillars of Success:

  • Psychological (Mental Game, Motivation, Meditation, Flow State, Clear Headedness)
  • Physical (Health, Exercise, Nutrition)
  • Knowledge (Learn, Discuss, Review)
  • Practice (Play, Test, Improve)

Personal Background:

Hometown: Varna, Bulgaria
Study: Undergraduate with First in Hospitality & Tourism Management, University of Surrey, United Kingdom
Work: Hotel Entertainment – sports entertainer to a manager (Golden Sands, Bulgaria; Corfu, Greece, Training – Canary Islands, Spain)

  • 2012 Olympics Team Adidas Hospitality Representative (London, United Kingdom)
  • F&B Management Training (Professional Placement Year – Admirals Cove luxury country club, Florida, USA)
  • Lived in the UK, USA and Bangkok and travelled the world playing poker
  • Currently blessed to be married to an amazing wife and father of the cutest 1-year-old baby boy

The Coaching Process:

Initially, I’d like to have a chat/ talk (usually via Skype) with any potential student to enquire where he/she stands and what we should work on. Then you can send a video or hand history that I will review and make notes on prior to our first session, combined with other materials I have prepared.

I will do my best to be an asset for you and provide value because your success is my gratification.

Welcome to Winner City!