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Rate: $125 / hour

Lex Ligtenberg a.k.a. L1quicity

  • Certified MSc. Sports and Performance psychologist, specialized in poker players
  • 15+ years of poker experience
  • Improved the mental game of hundreds of players through 1-on-1 coaching, webinars and online courses
  • Helps you build a road map towards your poker dreams


Hi, I’m Lex and I’m a poker mindset coach.

During my Masters in Sports & Performance Psychology in Amsterdam I found out that ambitious poker players are like elite athletes and if they want to become successful, they should treat themselves in that manner.

As a MSc. sports & performance psychologist I’m specialized in helping clients perform at their edge on the poker table and balance their lives around it. I’ve helped tens of poker players improve their mental game using the same knowledge and methods used for professional athletes.

Poker has been my passion for over 15 years now. Since the first hand I got dealt at the local home game at 16 it got me hooked and I never let go. For a long time as a hobby, but just before I quit my office job 2 years ago to follow my passion and coach elite athletes, luck struck me hard. I ran like the sun in the $50 $1,000,000 guaranteed on GGPoker to finish 7th for $15,000.

Through an association, I found my first poker mindset clients, but I wanted to work on my own game in the first place. Since then I’ve grinded my way out of the micro stakes and into the lower and mid stakes successfully, both online and live and it became part of my monthly income. Right now I’m working with a poker coach myself and my ROI has sky rocketed since.

Poker Dream

We aim to find and achieve the poker dream. Some have a clear vision, others need a bit longer for this first phase. What gets you out of bed every morning to grind? Once we have a clear image of the dream and a time stamp, we know the work that needs to be done for the coming years.

It creates not only a dot on the horizon but also visualizing the dream, writing it down, and putting it in a prominent place (like the mirror or your laptop screen) helps you reflect and persevere when times are tough. From here we build our roadmap towards the dream.

Mental Muscle

Poker is a game of hardship. You might know all of the latest poker theory if you can’t keep a cool head when it matters, you won’t become a successful poker player.

Building up mental muscle through various mental skills like visualization, focus, self-talk, goal setting and tension regulation helps you grind through the hard times of poker and beyond the next downswing. You know it’s coming and you better be prepared and have some muscle to deal with the blow.

Building Confidence

Confidence I found in sports is the number one marker to being a successful athlete. The same goes for ambitious poker players. If you are confident in your plays, you’ll achieve a lot more because you believe it’s possible and act accordingly. But how do we alter our confidence when we’re on a downswing and the results aren’t there? What do we focus on when times are tough? Winning is easy, but learning how to keep and build your confidence when you’re under pressure that’s where you’ll make a difference.

Emotions & Tilt

Emotions in poker are crucial to your success, why else would you grind day in day out to chase your dreams if not for an emotional value? But on the poker table, it’s a skill to regulate your emotions and not let them impact your play. Tilt is often seen as complete baboon rage tilt, or Phil Helmuth entitlement tilt but it’s not. Tilt can be any minor detail that impacts your A-game. Finding these and plugging your tilt triggers can improve your game massively.

Students’ Success

A year ago exactly, just before Christmas, Raoul came to me with a mindset problem that held him from winning big. Over the course of the last year, we worked intensively on his mental game during the game as well as off the tables.

Two months ago he sent me a message: I’m doing okay in the Battle of Malta main event, the stream of the final table will be on soon. He finished 2nd breaking his personal record 3 fold for €129, 500. In the weeks after his big win he won another €40k+ finishing 3rd in an MCOP event in Amsterdam.

Raoul van Wersch, one of my students, got his all-time record win of over €129 000 within a year of working together.

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