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Rate: $400 / hour

Mathias Linc a.k.a. Cashcid Linc

  • Over $1.4Million in Profits in Online MTTs
  • Experienced in both Highstakes MTTs as well as Low/Midstakes MTTs
  • Coaching Game Theory as well as Mindset
  • Pokerstars SCOOP $109 Main Event Champion



My name is Mathias, also known as Cashcid Linc on PokerStars and I am a long-time Online NLH MTT professional with over $1.4 Million in profits in Online Tournaments, the bulk of which coming from Pokerstars, one of the toughest online sites.

Throughout my career, I have beaten both low and midstakes as well as highstakes MTTs ($500+) for a good amount of money and on a consistent basis.

In high-stakes MTTs, which I have been playing predominantly for the last 5+ years, I have an average buy-in of $816 with an average ROI of 21.3% and a Total ROI of 25,7%. Total profits exceeding $800000 (2547 games).

In buy-ins below $500, I have an average buy-in of $78.33 with an average ROI of 45.1% and a total ROI of 27%. Total Profits exceeding $600000 (24931 games).

My average ROI for buy-ins up to $100 is 48.8% with a total ROI of 39% and profits of $258639 (17641 games).

My Top 5 online MTT wins:

  • 1st in $109 SCOOP Pokerstars Main Event for $267k
  • 1st in $1050 XL Eclipse 888 Main Event for $272k
  • 1st in ACR $215 Million for $158k
  • 2nd in $500 High Roller Millions on GG Poker for $200k
  • 2nd in $2650 OSS XL for $177k

Other Accomplishments:

I won the $1050 Pokerstars Super Tuesday three times and I won the $1050 Pokerstars Thursday Thrill three times when they were still big tournaments. 

Sharkscope graph:

MTT Coaching:

My approach to the game is a mix of studying with the latest software and using game theory as a basis, as well as using intuition and empathy to adjust at any time in-game to the circumstances. I am also big on mindset as I believe psychology is a huge factor for a professional poker player to be successful, so my coaching will always not only be centered around game theory but incorporate mindset aspects as well.

My goal as a coach is to make the student self-sufficient, so that ideally in the future he will not need coaching anymore. Another goal is to give the student the confidence he needs to beat the game.

My coaching includes:

  • hh review as a baseline, going into deeper topics from there
  • working with the latest software (GTO Wizard, HRC Beta, PIO Solver etc)
  • working on preflop fundamentals
  • ICM work
  • training sessions with the solvers for various stack sizes (GTO Wizard Practice)
  • mindset coaching
  • leak finding sessions (with Pokertracker or HEM)
  • book recomendations

Poker Coaching available in:

  • English
  • German

One MTT Poker Hand SB vs. BB Analyzed In-depth with GTO Wizard Software

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