Nedelcho Karakolev a.k.a. Ned_bg

Nedelcho Karakolev a.k.a. Ned_bg


$100 / hour

Playing Poker for 8+ years
Won WCOOP Bracelet for $78K
Experienced Coach
Won Sunday Warm-Up for $78K

My name is Nedelcho Karakolev and I play under Ned_bg on PokerStars. Poker was hobby for few years and I played from time to time but I start seriously with the game and I had no other job from beginning of 2009. I start playing cash games at local casino then I moved to cash games online and then to tournaments – online and live. Now I am playing mostly online MTTs.

My best scores:

  • WCOOP Bracelet – 1st for $78K ($320 event)
  • Sunday Warm-Up – 1st for $78K ($215 MTT)
  • SCOOP Sunday Warm-Up – 2nd for $85K ($215 MTT)
  • Half Price Sunday Special at PokerStars.FR – 2nd for $25K (50 euro Sunday Main Event)
  • WCOOP 2nd Chance – 2nd for $23K ($109 MTT
  • Sunday Second Chance – 3rd for $20K ($215 MTT)

I won many other tournaments with a lot of players including MicroMillions Shootout, Bounty Buliders, Bigs and so on. The week I won the Micro Million title I also came 1st in a rebuy MTT on PokerStars.FR and finished 2nd on 888 MTT, so I was super close to a triple crown.

I had few students and all of them are satisfied with my coaching methods and their improvement and results speak for themselves.

I believe that GTO, exploitations based on GTO knowledge, deep stack planning and range-based decision making process is the way to move up in limits and than for live games.

I can help with mental game as well. We can work on theory and then show how it is applied in real game, we can review hand histories, we can review specific hands, we can review hands I played or hands student played.

For me most important is not to learn student how to do specific action but how to think about the game.

Book 5 hours in advance and get 10% discount of the coaching (Pay $450 instead of $500).
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