Stoyan Boiadzhiev a.k.a. StoyanB

Stoyan Boyadzhiev a.k.a. StoyanB


$80 / hour

Playing poker for 10+ years
Experienced coach
2nd place in Sunday Million for $109k
x2 final tables at the same day at TCOOP $70k

My name is Stoyan Boyadzhiev (StoyanB on Poker Stars). I am 28 years old and have been playing poker for the last 10 years. I have started with live cash games and MTT. In 2012 I had some big scores in PokerStars and my career gradually transferred from live to online.

From 2016 I have successfully added PLO cash to my sessions which I play in different rooms and stakes. After taking some private lessons I became a winner at 200PLO in PokerStars. I also added some Hyper-Turbo SNG satellites to my MTT volume.

My biggest scores are:

  • 6th place in Sunday Million for $43k & 2nd place in Sunday Million for $109k
  • I have won almost every single daily major tournament at PokerStars with buy-in from $11 to $109

For a detailed review, you can check my Sharscope MTT & SNG graphics.

Nowadays I play mostly mid-stakes MTT. My preferred speed formats are Normal, Turbos and Hyper-Turbo, because I think of myself as an expert at push/fold scenarios and ICM considerations.

I can help people to become experts at reading stats and use that information in-game. I can also improve their game in late phases like the bubble and final table as well as introduce them to in-depth information about ICM.

I work with my students via Skype. We start with a 15-30 min. free call with every student in order to discuss what we will work on and what is the best way to do it.

Sharkscope MTT & SNG Statistics:



Stoyan B Sharkscpe MTT Statistics


Stoyan B Sharkscpe SNG Statistics
book 5 hours or more and get $10 off the hourly rate ($70 per hour instead of $80)
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Ivan Mirchev

Stoyan is very good and precise as a coach, he threw a lot of work analyzing my game outside our coaching sessions, that allowed us to do a lot more in those sessions, since we only had to discuss the weaknesses he already found.

He is very prepared on the math side of the game and there was not a single question asked by me he didn't answer with percision, no matter the type of the question. He helped me improve a lot and changed my playing style entirely, for the better of course.He is really knowledged in push/fold scenarios and ICM considerations.

He is always opened to discuss hands and situations, whenever needed. Combined with the fact that he is a great guy lessons became quite enjoyable.