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Rate: $75 / hour

Thiago Dias a.k.a. TnxBye7

  • BBZ Brazil (Stacking Team) - Head Coach, Co-founder and Manager
  • Over 45 000 MTTs and Sit and Go-s played online
  • Optimal game selection to maximize $/hr
  • ICM adjusted strategies


Greetings, poker enthusiasts! I’m Thiago, a poker professional hailing from the vibrant poker scene in Brazil. With over six years of dedicated experience and a remarkable 40,000+ online games under my belt, I’ve journeyed from the micro stakes of NL SNGs in 2017 to navigating the complexities of mid/high stakes.

While pursuing a degree in computer science, I found my true calling in poker and made the bold decision to drop out, fully committing to the pursuit of my dreams. I’ve immersed myself in the world of poker education, joining the prestigious BBZ Staking, where I honed my skills through rigorous study of seminars, charts, videos, and bundles, all while benefiting from invaluable coaching.

What Can I Bring to the Table:

As your poker coach, I bring a comprehensive set of skills and tools to elevate your game:

  • GTO Expertise: I utilize the best GTO/solver tools on the market, providing you with a solid GTO foundation
  • ICM Adjusted Strategies: Precise pre and post-flop strategies tailored to ICM situations, enhancing your decision-making at critical points in the game.
  • Population Tendencies: Leverage my experience and ability to read player tendencies, gaining a strategic edge over the competition.
  • Strategic Flexibility: Learn when and why to deviate from GTO, empowering you to adapt dynamically to different game scenarios.
  • Continuous Improvement: As a full-time player, I am committed to daily improvement and staying at the forefront of evolving poker strategies.
  • Game Selection Expertise: Maximize your $/hr by guiding you on which sites and games to play based on your strengths and preferences.
  • Effective Study Methods: I’ll share proven study methods to optimize your learning and skill development.

The Coaching Process

  • Hand History Analysis:

– Dive deep into your hand histories, dissecting lines taken, post-flop sizings, and identifying areas for improvement.

– Answer questions and enhance your thought process for future hands.

  • Database Analysis:

– Conduct a comprehensive review of your database, pinpointing crucial statistics and addressing leaks.

– Provide a detailed report highlighting optimum values and areas of focus for improvement.

  • Recorded Session Review:

– Analyze recordings of your gameplay, similar to hand history analysis, to identify and rectify leaks and weaknesses.

  • Live Play Sessions:

– Engage in live sessions via Skype or Discord, sharing insights into my grind, explaining thought processes, and answering your questions in real-time.

My Sharkscope Profit Graph:

2 MTT Poker Hand Analysis with PIO Solver by Thiago:

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