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Rate: $65 / hour

Thiago Dias a.k.a. TnxBye7

  • BBZ Brazil Head Coach
  • Over 40 000 games played online
  • Optimal game selection to maximize $/hr
  • ICM adjusted strategies

Hi, my name is Thiago Dias I’m a professional poker player from Brazil with 6 years of experience and over 40k games played online. I started playing NL micro sngs in 2017, moved up and eventually transitioned to low/mid MTTs occasionally shot taking high stakes. I was working on my bachelor’s degree in computer science, trying to manage both grinding and studying, but at the start of 2021, I decided to drop out of college and chase my dream as a professional player. I’ve joined the BBZ Staking and put in tons of hours studying seminars, charts, videos and bundles as well as getting coached. Given hard work and results I was invited to run the Brazilian division of the stable as head coach.

What Can I Bring to the Table:

  • Solid GTO understanding.
  • ICM adjusted strategies pre and post-flop.
  • Preflop Strategy formation using BBZ GTO charts for cEV and ICM situations.
  • Experience and ability to read population tendencies.
  • I will teach you how to think about the game in GTO as well as when and why to deviate from it.
  • A full-time player who improves his game on a daily basis.
  • Optimal game selection (BBZs Sharkscope database with hundreds of thousands of games played by our players) to maximize $/hr, which sites and games you should play.
  • Effective study methods.

The Coaching Process:

  • Hand History Analysis: you send me one of your hand histories, preferably one that you went deep into and made a final table. If there is no recent FT, this is fine as well. In this case, we can go over 2 or 3 HHs.
    I will go over every hand you played (or should have played), analysing the lines you have taken and if your post-flop sizings were optimal,
    discussing issues that you can look to improve upon. I will answer any questions you have and improve your thought process during the hands you will play in the future.
  • Recorded Session: after you send me a recording of your play, we will go over it pretty similar to the hand history approach. I will point out your leaks and other aspects of your game which need some work.
  • Live play: we can hop on Skype or Discord and I will fire a live session(depending on your time zone) of my grind explaining my thought process and answering questions.

My Sharkscope Profit Graph:

Thiago Dias Ultimate Poker Coaching MTT coach Sharkscope Profit Graph

2 MTT Poker Hand Analysis with PIO Solver by Thiago:

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