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Hold'em Manager - poker software for professional players
Hold Em Manager is one of the most powerful software products on the market for online poker players to take advantage of. The latest versions of the program- Hold’em Manager 2 and Omaha Manager 2 are major tools in the arsenal of any poker player today.

HEM Main Screen

No matter, whether you are just starting with the game or have some experience the software will give you a significant edge against the players who doesn’t use it. It’s an essential weapon that will help you with your poker training. These days the competition is really tough and long gone are the days when it was super easy to win thousands of dollars without decent skills and knowledge.

So, taking advantage of software tools plus examining your game with a professional poker player is the right way to approach the game. Learning poker is a never-ending process and HEM is made to make our life easier. Here is more info for those of you not fully aware of all the merits of Hold Em Manager.

Basically, it helps you follow your progress as a poker player in all possible aspects. Be aware of your bankroll, find the mistakes you make most often, analyze the crucial hands that knocked you out of a tournament ( or gave you the first place) and ultimately improve your game. Some of the most useful functionalities include:

    HEM 2 Stats
  • Statistics – this is the essential and main benefit of HEM. It imports all the hands you played and later you can analyze them at any time thanks to various statistics that deeply cover every aspect of Texas Hold Em and Omaha.
  • Tournament Filters HEM2
  • Filters – they help you sort your hands and narrow the database. The more you play, the bigger your hand history becomes. That’s why it’s important to study certain hands depending on what element of your game you want to focus on.
  • For example, you can go and check all hands when you played AA from early position. Or you can check how you play with QQ after raise and 3 bet. Bring only the hands when you’ve 3 bet your opponents, or just cold called 4 bet. Inspect how you play AK on flops when you don’t hit, or how you play suited connectors in a multiway pot and many, many more.

  • Heads-up Display or also known as HUD is the actual visualization of the statistics and all the info you need to know in order to make a logical decision and read what cards your opponent could have. They are displayed during your actual session and help you take better decisions.
  • Hold Em Manager Session Replayer
  • Replayer – Once the session is finished you have the option to visualize all the hands from a certain tournament or cash game. This is a perfect opportunity to analyze tough spots that you had during the game.
  • During a standard poker coaching lesson with a professional player you both go over the hands you’ve played with the help of the replayer. He shows you the main mistakes you made, the right decision you took, where you have room for improvement and so on.
  • Widgets/ applications – additional tools that combine the powerful funcitionalities of Hold Em Manager and help you improve your game and read your opponents even further.

Pocker Tracker is another powerful software tool, a decent alternative to HEM. It will also help you improve your game, analyze your opponents at the poker tables and ultimately take better decisions. The latest version of PT- Poker Tracker 4 supports the most popular games these days:
  • No Limit Texas Hold Em
  • Limit Texas Hold Em
  • Pot Limit Texas Hold Em
  • Pot Limit Omaha
and more. poker tracker hand review

It’s the perfect choice for both tournament and cash players. No matter whether you are playing Sit N’ Go’s, MTTs (multi table tournaments), Satellites or just your favourite ring games, PT is a necessary tool in your quest of becoming a winning poker player.

The program records all your hand histories and then brings you information about your play in the form of statistics, graphs etc. Furthermore, it follows how every single opponent at your table plays, so you can take advantage of this information as well.

Analyzing your Poker Tracker stats is the proper way to find leaks in your own game, that otherwise you most certainly would have missed. If you combine the info you get from the tool with some 1 vs. 1 coaching with a poker coach you will be able to adjust your stats and bring them to the optimal level. To get in more details here are some of the most important features of this piece of software:

poker tracker hud
  • Advanced HUD Engine
  • The Poker Tracker 4 HUD has been designed to give you all the vital information you need at the tables and at the same time to present it to you in an easy-to-understand way. The view is really clean and well-organized in order to make it as user-friendly as possible.

    What’s more cool is that the HUD also provides an easy way to take notes or as they call it NoteTracker. Taking notes when playing poker online (or when analyzing your session on a latter stage) is a really useful habit of all the successful players. The feature is designed with the user in mind.

    poker tracker reports
  • Reports
  • Poker Tracker’s creators have invested numerous hours of developing the reporting screen as it is the core of any professional poker tracking tool on the market. To achieve that they spoke with some of the world’s best poker players. Their feedback was taken into account when developing the reporting section and this resulted in a user-friendly interface.

  • Filters
  • PT4 offers a wide and powerful selection of filters to its users to take advantage of. It helps to analyze a specific niche of your game. There is also an option to save filters for future use (the so called Quick Filters).

This was just a short overview of what Poker Tracker 4 presents to all those of you who want to improve their skills and bring their game to the next level. The best way to check out all the functionalities of the software is to download it and see for yourself why it is considered by many as the best poker software wordlwide. What's even more cooler is that they offer a 30-day free trial available.