Folding in Poker

The term “fold” in poker is a crucial concept that every player should understand. It’s one of the key poker moves along with “calling“, “checking“, and “raising“.

Folding essentially means that a player chooses to discard their hand and forfeit any further involvement in the current hand. It’s a strategic decision made when a player believes their hand is not strong enough to compete or when they want to conserve their chips for better opportunities.

Here I have a pretty easy decision to call with such a strong hand

Here are a few instances where folding comes into play:

Preflop Fold:

Postflop Fold:

Facing a Raise

Folding is a tactical move that seasoned players use to minimize losses and stay in the game for the long haul. It’s an essential aspect of poker strategy, allowing players to preserve their chip stack for situations where their odds of success are more favorable.

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