Poker Software

Every poker player serious about the game is aware of the fact that poker software is a must in order to crush your opponents and climb up the poker limits. If you learn how to take advantage of poker tools such as Hold Em Manager (HEM) and Poker Tracker (PT) you will gain an edge over your opponents. These days with the constantly evolving competition poker is all about the small edges. In case you don’t take advantage of poker tools, you will fall behind as you can be sure that your opponents are.

These programs plus similar ones will present you a great way to study your own game, to find leaks in the hands you play and to consolidate your strengths. On the other hand, browsing through the hand history of tournaments or cash games you’ve played will show you important patterns and styles in your opponents’ game.

Understanding how to work with poker software will make you understand poker on a deeper level.

Multitabling is practically impossible in case you don’t have a poker software running to show you trends and stats in your opponents’ game.

Nowadays, there is a huge choice of poker tools including calculators, HUDS, PIO solvers and many more. We’ve listed the most popular options, so you can check them and decide which the best option for you is. Both HEM and PT are powerful solutions, so they will help you with the ultimate goal of becoming a better and more successful poker player.