Crush The Micros by Kris Rukov aka RukovGrind

Crush The Micros by Kris Rukov

Crush The Micros is Kris Rukov’s exclusive course for beginners. Poker fundamentals made simple by one of our most popular coaches. Learn how to beat the low levels and advance through the Micros for as low as $39. Don’t miss the juicy discount provided by Ultimate Poker Coaching by using our promo code below to make this fine deal a real steal.

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Price: $45 ( $39 with our special promo code UPC6 )

What you will find in the course:

  • Mental Game, BRM, poker software
    • The Mental Game of Poker
    • Bank Roll Management
    • Poker Platform Software Set-Up
  • Terminology and Table Positions
    • Terminology and Table Positions
    • Pot Odds
    • Equity
    • Expected Value
    • Value and Bluff Bet
  • General Strategy
    • Why This Strategy
    • Pre-Flop Ranges
    • Cold Calling Range
    • Bet Sizing
    • Stealing
  • Holdem Manager and HUD
    • HUD Advanced
  • Game Play
    • Intro
    • Game Play (part 1)
    • Game Play (part 2)
    • Game Play (part 3)
    • Game Play 25NL

Use our promo code UPC6 to get your$6 discount off Crush The Micros by Kris Rukov.

Kris Rukov from Ultimate Poker Coaching

Students Testimonials

Rukov's Student Graph

A graph is worth 1000 words. I was a break even player after 40,000 hands. Shortly after i booked my 1st session with Kris things started to get better. I got a total of 5 hours package ( he has discounts 😉 ). You can see the rest

James (Brasil)
Rukov Stundent Graph - Tobias

This is how my graph looked like before i took personal coaching from Kris Rukov. He explains the game in very easy to understand terms and he helped me a lot with my mental game as well. Strongly recommend him ! Greetings from Germany